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Bridal Shower Cake

Posted on: December 6, 2008

For Amelia’s bridal shower, I broke a cardinal rule of baking. That is, never bake something for an audience that you’ve never attempted before. My layered cake baking was an experiment to see how hard it actually is to make a cake with more than two layers. It’s quite difficult and despite my best effort it was clearly an amateur job! It did taste quite good, though.

For the cake batter, I tripled the Better Homes and Garden cookbook’s yellow cake recipe. (The cake could have easily served 60 people).  In between each layer, I smothered apricot filling on top of almond buttercream frosting.
Each layer needed to be leveled with a cake leveler. This is an inexpensive Wilton cake tool that shaves off the top of each cake to smooth it out for even placement of the layers. Also, I had to put wax paper underneath the bottom of the cake to collect all the crumbs during assembly.

pb280004Layers four of six in place. Did I mention I forgot the baking soda in the bottom layer, essentially making it a pound cake? It was a little bit of baking serendipity however, since it was the perfect flat launch pad for the rest of the cake.

pb280005All six layers in place, with only slight spillage of the apricot filling. One other thing I did during assembly: to keep the cake moist, I boiled two cups water with two cups sugar in a saucepan, and added lemon rind. Using a pastry brush, I brushed this concoction on top of each layer before frosting.

pb280006With the almond buttercream frosting in place, it’s time for sprinkles.

pb280007The sprinkles were clear and white to lend the cake a shimmering, snow-like appearance.

pb280008Ribbon to match her shower colors was swept around each layer, and it was topped with an “A” for Amelia, or as my cousin more appropriately titled the cake later, “‘A’ for Effort!”

pb280015The cake in all its bridal shower glory. After spending 6pm-11pm on the cake, I was just glad to get it to the shower in one piece.  After a serious second grade cake dropping mishap at my birthday party, I never quite trust myself carrying cakes.  (There’s nothing more embarrassing than blowing out birthday candles in HoHos because you dropped the cake on the kitchen floor).

And finally, to highlight some of the food the hostess prepared:

pb280011The tea sandwiches assortment of chicken salad, turkey and egg salad sandwiches.

pb280014Fabulous presentation of fruit skewers in painted terracotta pots, secured in place with clear marbles.

pb290039The glowing bride-to-be at the end of the shower.  Forgiving gal that she is, she understood that the slight leaning tilt of her shower cake only gave it more character.


2 Responses to "Bridal Shower Cake"

Jean! You outdid yourself. I am SO impressed. I would never attempt that… I stick with my strengths. Or I should say strength – the good ol’ chocolate chip cookie :). Amelia looks so pretty and so happy.

I’m impressed!

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